Vixen Sport Optics
Quality Optics for your most challenging Adventures
Vixen Rifle Scopes incorporate the same premium optics evident in our Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. They are the finest example of rugged construction combined with precision optics. Pinpointing your target is easy in even the lowest light with Vixen's high resolution, brilliant, wide field of view scopes.Waterproof, nitrogen purged rugged bodies stand up to your most challenging outdoor adventures. All Vixen Riflescopes are backed by an unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
Vixen Rifle Scopes

Vixen Rifle Scopes


Vixen Rifle Scope 2~8x32  
Vixen Rifle Scope 3~12x40  
Vixen Rifle Scope 4~16x44  
Vixen Rifle Scope 1.5~4.5x24  
Vixen Rifle Scope 1.5~6x42  
Vixen Rifle Scope 2.5~10x56  
Vixen Rifle Scope 8x56  
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